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Oshawa Executive Airport

The Oshawa Executive Airport project was constructed within a four week period. The $5.5M dollar project was a very high priority due to the impact it had on grounding flights from September 5th to October 10th. Employees worked 24 hours a day for four weeks to complete the runway in expedited time.

The original runway was entirely reconstructed, requiring a new granular base layer placed down with aviation-grade asphalt on top. An extension was also added to the runway adding 76 meters to both ends of the flight strip. The additional road was put in place as a safety area for planes that may overpass or underpass the runway.

The aggregate delivery was completed in three weeks’ time with 51,000 tonnes being delivered. Dufferin Aggregates was delighted to participate in such a high priority project by being able to provide aggregates for the new runways at the Oshawa Executive Airport.

“Working with the Dufferin Aggregates Team helped us complete this project on time.” – Marco Parmegiani – Metric Contracting District Manager.