At Dufferin Aggregates, the safety of our people is always our priority.
As part of our efforts to build a leading safety culture, we have been designating one day each month as ‘SEE STOP DO Day’. On this dedicated day, employees are encouraged to make their best effort in freeing their schedules from meetings, calls, and other obligations to focus solely on putting safety first and re-committing themselves to our safety pledge “When I SEE Something, I Will STOP and DO Something”

During our most recent See Stop Do Day, our Commercial Team embarked on a visit to the Mosport Pit and Flamboro Quarry to celebrate the Operation Teams for their dedication and commitment to safety.

At the Flamboro Quarry, our Commercial Team greeted the employees with coffee and donuts, aiming to uplift and recognize their hardwork and efforts. Meanwhile, during their visit to the Mosport Pit, the Team showed their gratitude by assisting in preparing a BBQ Lunch for the employees at the site.